3 Easy Steps To Follow To Determine If You Have Lice

Welcome To The Year 2020!

Welcome to the year 2020! Ironically, 20-20 is also known as perfect eyesight. Some may think that 20/20 eye site is key in diagnosing head lice, but there is definitely more than meets the eye on this subject matter!

Panicked parents that have used Louse Calls head lice removal  in the past, whether they are in Boca Raton, Orlando, Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale, have it easy.  They already know that LouseCalls is always willing to help and only a text or phone call away.   We will always help diagnose head lice over the phone.

I walk callers  through a couple of easy steps to help diagnose head lice properly. Simply put, just because you are itchy or the school nurse says you have head lice does not make it so.  Or possibly, you are seeing “little white things” in the hair? None of these are in fact the sure thing.  

If we can diagnose over the phone, it saves money and allows a more accurate picture  to help families with head lice.  

These are my 3 easy steps to follow to determine if you have lice- 20/20 vision NOT needed.  

  1. Get a good lice comb (we sell them), use it to comb through the hair. After a few swipes through the hair, strum your fingers across the comb-over a white piece of paper. Look closely at what pops out. What color and shape is it?  Is it brown and oval or black with legs and crawling (like in these pictures http://lancaster.unl.edu/pest/lice/photo.shtml)? That’s Lice!!!!
  2. No lice comb, no problem. If you see little things attached to the hair shaft, try to pull them off or slide them own the hair shaft. Once removed, put them on a white piece of paper. What color are they? What shape? Are they brownish/grayish and oval? That’s Lice!! Are they white and flick or blow off the hair strand easily? Not lice!!
  3. Finally, when in doubt, call or text the professionals. LouseCalls is happy to help through phone or text with a simple picture.  Send it on over and we will evaluate. We are also always available to make a house call to South Florida, Central Florida, or the Tampa Bay area.  It’s worth the investment to discover lice earlier rather than later.  

So have a great 20-20 and don’t stress about diagnosing lice if you do not have 20 20 vision, we will guide you through the process.

Happy 2020!

Wishing you “No more louse-y days!”