Happy Holidays from Louse Calls!

No More Louse-y Holidays!

One gift that isn’t on anyone’s list this holiday season is headlice. Unfortunately, lice can be the one gift that keeps on giving! The holidays are a peak season for head-lice because of all the hugging, vacationing and picture taking. Holiday celebrations, family gatherings, and parties are a great place for HEAD TO HEAD contact, love, and hugs. Lice love all the closeness of the holiday season!

Louse Calls can give our loving lice advice on how to stay off the “lice” list.

  1. Check lice off your list! Screen everyone before family gatherings especially if sleeping in tight quarters.
  2. Go with an “up-do”! Wear long hair back in a braid or bun and spray with Mint Repellant before all of the cousins and friends gather. The smell of mint helps repel lice.
  3. Pack your pillows! Bring your own pillows if you are spending the night with family or friends.
  4. Sharing is not always caring! Don’t let your children share combs or other hair accessories.
  5. LouseCalls is here! If you see itching or evidence of head lice, don’t panic. Louse Calls is available all holiday season for your lice removal needs. We are only a phone call away. Call us at 561-376-1066
  6. After the holiday break! Don’t forget to screen AFTER the holidays as well. The sooner you find lice, the less likely it is to spread to family members.

Here’s to no more louse-y holidays!