Lice in Eyes and Eyelashes

This month I want to talk about lice that present in eyes and eyelashes. These tiny bugs like moisture, so they travel between children’s eyes and heads and they burrow under the skin, making them extremely difficult to diagnose and treat.

This is a pubic louse (also known as crabs)

This is a pubic louse (also known as crabs)

This is a touchy topic once people learn more about this condition. It typically presents in children. This type of lice is actually pubic lice. Yes pubic lice in children present in their eyes and eyelashes.

There are 3 types of lice- head lice, pubic lice and body lice.

In the past 15 years, as one of the original and most credible lice removal companies in the country, Louse Calls has 100% successfully removed all cases of pubic lice from children’s heads/eyes. This is not an easy task. We have only seen about 15 cases of pubic lice, most of which have previously received unsuccessful services from other lice removal companies. Typically, as soon as we receive a phone call, as an experienced professional lice removal service, we know immediately that we are dealing with pubic lice rather than head lice.

LouseCalls has a protocol that works and we start the lice treatment process right away. This is the difference between an experienced head lice removal company that has dealt with a variety of lice related issues and an other lice removal company that has not. Being able to determine the difference between all lice variables and taking care of the problem-100% is what sets LouseCalls a part from all other lice removal companies.

Yes, head lice are more common than pubic lice, but it’s really important for people to understand that not all lice removal companies are created equal. If people do their research, they will find a huge difference in who they are trusting to remove lice from their family.

  • Amy Graff, LouseCalls Owner and Operator

    First, find a lice removal company near you. You can either do an internet search for lice removal “near me” or ask a pediatrician for their own personal experience.

  • Second, do your research. There is more to professional lice removal companies than just who is the quickest or cheapest. Experience and success really matter for lice removal.
  • Find a lice removal company that will walk you through every step and make sure your lice treatment and diagnoses are done accurately and thoroughly.
  • Third, feel free to always text or call Lousecalls head lice removal if you have any concerns or you just need a professional opinion. 561-376-1066