Head Lice & Hair Extensions

Head Lice & Hair Extensions This happens A LOT!! Head lice infestations in heads that have hair extensions. Have No Fear...Louse Calls is here! Although this is quite common, this particular client right here in Boca Raton Florida, had over 300 hair extensions that were fusion bonded onto individual hair pieces with glue. The [...]

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Lice-Free!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Lice-Free! This photo really describes how so many of us have felt during the last 3 months. There are so many challenges we are all facing these days, head lice just makes for even more stress and frustration. Whether you are dealing with home schooling, home camping, out of [...]

Lice in Eyes & Eyelashes

Lice in Eyes and Eyelashes This month I want to talk about lice that present in eyes and eyelashes. These tiny bugs like moisture, so they travel between children’s eyes and heads and they burrow under the skin, making them extremely difficult to diagnose and treat. This is a pubic louse (also known [...]

LouseCalls: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!

LouseCalls: Often imitated never duplicated! See why... It's love month! I would like to take this time to recognize and thank all of my amazing technicians and lice checkers, past and present.  I have met and worked with some really amazing people and I would like to recognize them. In the South Florida area, [...]

Happy Holidays from Louse Calls!

Happy Holidays from Louse Calls! No More Louse-y Holidays! One gift that isn’t on anyone’s list this holiday season is headlice. Unfortunately, lice can be the one gift that keeps on giving! The holidays are a peak season for head-lice because of all the hugging, vacationing and picture taking. Holiday celebrations, family gatherings, and [...]

LouseCalls Loving Lice Advice For Summer

LouseCalls Loving Lice Advice For Summer Nothing Lousey-er than lice at summer camp It’s an all summer long “Field Day” at camp with all the hugging, bunking and close quarters at camp.  Biking helmets, horseback riding helmets, sports helmets and camp-outs!!!  "OH, MY!!!"  What a hot spot camp is for head lice.  Nothing Lousey-er [...]

Turn Your Frown Upside Down!

Turn Your Frown Upside Down! Lousecalls Loving Lice Advice Welcome to the LouseCalls blog. The most loving place for the best lice advice! This is a safe and loving place for our expert head lice advice on treatment, free tips on prevention and detection and just some fun head lice information to learn! Here you will [...]

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