October is National Head lice Awareness Month

Many have forgotten Head lice, this can be a huge problem.  We here at LouseCalls is urging you to remember Head lice.

As a professional head lice removal company since 2005, we have seen a lot of different head lice situations.   I would say, in regard to head lice, we at LouseCalls head lice removal have seen it all.  The world has gone through tremendous stress in the past 7-8 months.  School- no school; Camp-no camp; Work-no work; and again back to School- no school.  All these factors have had a tremendous affect on head lice.

Here is what we have seen…

Lice, lice and more lice.  We are finding lice infestations are more severe than they have ever been because people’s concerns are elsewhere and not focused on head lice.  We are seeing 7-9 month long lice infestations on average.  We are seeing thousands of bugs and eggs on heads that used to have hundreds.

Louse Calls is asking you to be aware!

Look out for itchy scalps, red bumps on the neck and behind the ears.  Don’t wait to Google for head lice help.  Research head lice help.  You can do it yourself with proper non toxic tools and products or you can search for “head lice removal companies near me.”  If an infestation is 7-9 months along, professional head lice help is a MUST.  This is just one swipe of the comb on a typical lice infestation for people that have been ignoring their head lice symptoms.

LouseCalls has been offering in home lice removal services since 2005 for almost 16 years.  Not only does LouseCalls return calls within an hour, but also will make an in-home service call in 1-2 hours.  We offer all non-toxic, manual removal for headlice in your city.  If you are in South Florida, and need head lice removal or head lice advice in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm beach counties call or text 561-376-1066.  If you are in Central Florida, Orlando or any surrounding area and need head lice treatment help, call or text 561-376-1066.  Finally, if you are in Southwest Florida, Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Bradenton or Lakeland and you need head lice removal help, please call or text 561-376-1066.