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Manual Head Lice Removal

Closeup of Male Louse. In Home Lice Removal

Closeup of Male Louse

In-Home Louse Removal Treatment Services

Our pricing model is straightforward and fair and we always pass the savings along to you whenever possible. Prices are based on a per head basis and we never charge by the hour.

$100 Per Household Minimum Service Charge For Up To 4 Head Checks

  • $100 minimum is applied to any services rendered and not an additional charge.

Comprehensive Comb Through Head Checks

  • $22/head (females)**
  • $20/head (males)**
  • All fees are applied toward cost of services

$105-$160 per head: Treatment & Manual Removal Services

  • The typical girl treatment is $130-160/head
  • The typical boy treatment is $105-125/head
  • The cost may vary depending on the amount of hair and level of infestation.

$60 per head: Complete Re-treatment (7-10 days after initial Treatment)

*except in extreme cases
**thick/coarse hair – $175-$225 ie: Afro-American

Free Detangling Comb With Every Treatment!

New Terminator comb used for every head check

*Note: If you live outside of our normal travel area, there may be an additional travel charge.

Appointments required after 5:00 pm will have an additional after hours charge.
Last minute cancellations will be subject to minimum charge.

**Wait time for additional family members to come home will be subject to $1/min charge.