Lice Emergency? We Come to You!

Amy Graff LouseCallsLice Emergency? We Come to You!Ugh! Nobody likes to be that unfortunate kid in class with head lice. Don’t worry. Don’t let lice stress you out. LouseCalls is here to save the day! Serving South, Central, and West Florida since 2005, we provide personalized and discreet head lice removal services in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Say goodbye to head lice and say hello to a happy, healthy family. Your children will be lice-free, so they can enjoy their day-no itching-no scratching, No More Louse-y Days! Do you have a Lice Emergency? Not sure if your child has a lice infestation? Does your school or camp need head lice treatment services? Email or text us directly anytime 7 days a week at (561) 376-1066 – or call us on our toll-free Lice Hotline at (877) LouseCalls. Contact us TODAY to get rid of your head lice headaches. Guaranteed!

Amy Graff, Owner & Founder of LouseCalls