On-Site Screenings, Manual Removal & Presentations

Head Lice Removal for Schools & Camps

Head lice love close encounters of the kid kind! They crawl from head to head as kids play together. They also love hiding in hats, backpacks, hair brushes, scrunchies, and scarves—just the kinds of things kids share. LouseCalls has been Florida’s leader in head lice removal since 2005. We specialize in manual lice treatment – combing and complete ‘nit-picking’ of live lice and viable nits. The LouseCalls Manual Head Lice Removal Method is non-toxic, all natural, 100% safe and completely effective.

We Guarantee No More Louse-y Days!

LouseCalls provides on-site head lice screenings, manual lice removal services, and educational presentations for:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Summer Camps
  • Middle Schools
  • Daycare Centers
  • Pre-Schools
 Custom Plans and Programs

At LouseCalls, we know that an outbreak of head lice can be a very difficult, and often traumatic situation for children, parents, and faculty. Sending children home with head lice is never a pleasant experience. We know the sense of panic and frustration that comes with fighting head lice and are sympathetic to your needs. LouseCalls has been helping schools, camps and daycare facilities identify and eradicate head lice infestations since 2005. With our personalized treatment, friendly staff, and guaranteed lice removal process, you can rest assured that your screening program will help keep kids in school and incidence low.

Lice Screening and Removal Treatment Programs for Schools:

We offer the Total Head Lice Prevention Plan, which provides (3) screenings per year (usually scheduled in September, January and April – after each long break). This Program keeps incidence to a minimum and prevents infestations before they occur. We also offer a Biannual Screening Plan for the entire student body (in September, and also either January or April).

Finally, we always offer one-time screenings for lice emergencies.

Lice Screening and Removal Treatment Programs for Camps:

We highly recommend all campers are screened for head lice on the first day or two of camp. We offer screenings in advance of the first day or on an as-needed basis when a problem arises.

Our team will come to your school or camp with 8-11 expert technicians and conduct thorough manual head lice screenings. Our Lice Removal Specialists are courteous, quick, and experienced in working with children. Their mission is to leave your school lice-free so you can get back to normal. We realize that children should be focused on learning in school, or having fun in camp, and not have to spend all day waiting to get their head checked for lice. We are also educated and experienced in effectively treating ‘special needs’ kids, and provide any extra comfort, care or understanding necessary to ensure that every child has “No More Louse-y Days!. LouseCalls can accommodate your head lice screening needs with only 2-3 days notice, and we are available 7 days a week.

Educational Presentations: Head Lice 101

LouseCalls is leading the industry and breaking new ground in head lice education. We offer educational presentations for students, faculty members and parents. Presentations cover head lice detection, treatment, and prevention strategies. Our Head Lice 101 Educational Presentations are done on-site and in person and are completely customizable for your school or group.

During the presentation you will learn:

  • How to identify lice and determine if you have a lice outbreak.
  • What to do to contain an outbreak and keep it from spreading.
  • How to clean the environment after an outbreak.
  • Prevention strategies to control future outbreaks.

After the presentation, our head lice treatment experts are available 24/7 to help you successfully implement treatment plans and prevention strategies, or simply to answer any questions that arise. LouseCalls also offers handouts and brochures explaining the “Facts of Lice” and providing important Lice Advice. Our goal is to become your partner in taking a proactive approach to dealing with head lice and making sure that you have “No More Louse-y Days”.

Contact us about setting up a lice prevention program to meet the needs of your school or camp. Times and days are flexible and prices vary.
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