Lice Disinfectant For Your Home Is A Scam!

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I received a very interesting phone call from a prospective client today. After I went over all the details of our services and explained that lice do not live off of the human head, her response was quite insightful. She said “But I spoke with another lice removal company earlier who said they would ‘clean and disinfect my home environment for lice infestation’….That must have been a scam, right?” Of course, I replied “YES! That’s a common scam in our business. There are companies out there that try to con families out of money for completely unnecessary lice removal services.” Offering head lice disinfectant for homes is not only unnecessary, it is actually against the law in Florida for pest control companies to offer such services.

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As a certified member in good standing of the National Association for Lice Treatment Professionals (NALTP), LouseCalls is held to the highest professional standards and code of ethics. We are always up-front and honest about the head lice treatment services we provide. Our pricing is fair and reasonable, and we charge by the head, never by the hour. Our expert technicians have successfully treated thousands of satisfied families throughout Florida. The LouseCalls Manual Removal Method will make your head lice worries go away, and we guaranteeĀ No More Louse-y Days!

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