No More Louse-y Days

We Guarantee Our Lice Removal Services

Nit picking and head lice removal are part of a comprehensive program to ensure your family becomes 100% lice free.

LouseCalls guarantees that you and your family will be 100% bug-free after the initial treatment visit. If a bug is found within 1 day of the initial treatment, we will come back and treat that individual for free.* **

LouseCalls guarantees that your child will be admitted back into school the very next day, or we will come back and treat your child for free.*†

If you utilize Louse Calls to perform checks/treatments of all family members as well as utilizing Louse Calls to perform the recommended retreatment, and head lice are found on the treated individual’s head within 2 weeks of the retreat, we will do a screening at no charge. If evidence of head lice are found and an additional re-treatment is necessary, a $60 prorated fee will be offered. Any family members or friends not originally treated by LouseCalls will be full price.*†

Physical evidence of lice or egg must be displayed for the return trip and/or re-treatment per guarantee.

*For our guarantee to remain valid, all family members must be checked and deemed lice free from a LouseCalls technician during the initial treatment visit, and any family members found to have lice must be treated by a LouseCalls technician. If you decide not to have every family member in the household checked/treated by LouseCalls for the presence of head lice, the guarantee is void.

**Re-infestation from a third party does not constitute a free treatment. Following our detailed follow-up recommendations and procedures will eliminate any issue that may arise from re-infestation.

†If LouseCalls is requested to return to a home due to the presumption that a nit has been found, and no evidence of lice is found by a LouseCalls technician, you will be charged the minimum charge of $100 plus any applicable travel fees. LouseCalls will not treat you for free simply because you think you still have lice. Evidence of lice must be displayed for free treatment.